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We are a non-profit group of volunteers doing our best to better the lives of the domestic animals on our mountain range since 1975. Within these pages you can find a wealth of information regarding our organization. Please use the menu to the left to find your way through our site.


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Mountain's Humane Society
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The Mountains' Humane Society was formed in 1975 by a group of mountain residents who shared a concern for the welfare of local cats and dogs. We are a non-profit 501 c3 volunteer organization that aids domestic animals on our mountain range from Cedar Pines Park to Forest Falls. We offer spay/neuter assistance, emergency medical assistance, lost and found information, information on animals available for adoption and much more. We do not have or own a shelter. If you have a question or need some advice that our website cannot help you with, please give us a call. Our phone service is available to everyone and we would like to be of assistance to you.

We rely on private party donations to keep us up and running. We do not receive any federal, state or county funding, and there is no trickle down funding from the Humane Society of the United States, ASPCA or any other larger animal rescue/protection groups. Being a 501 c3 non-profit organization, we gladly provide tax receipts for donations. We are also a volunteer organization, so your patience and understanding are very much appreciated. We can always use more hands to help. If you have a talent or skill that you could lend to us, or if you can provide a foster home for us, please give us a call!

Zoo de Beauval animals

Our area still lacks a shelter and that makes animal related situations more difficult . We do not have or own a shelter. We have to depend on the assistance of residents (foster homes) to house lost and unwanted pets until an owner or new home is found. With few volunteer foster homes, and numerous unwanted pets, we often have no vacancy and they have to go to the prix Zoo de Beauval
It was decided, a bit on a whim and barely 10 days before, that we would spend 2 days at Beauval Zoo in mid-August. It was a project that we had had for some time, without necessarily having taken the time to make it happen. It must be said that the Zoo is quite far from our place of residence, namely Dijon, and that it takes no less than 4 hours to get there. It is therefore impossible to make the outward journey and return during the day, it is compulsory to sleep there. Difficult to find accommodation on a weekend of August 15, for a single night and still available one week before the deadline. We found a very cute, clean and pleasant gite in Amboise (40 minutes from the Zoo), ideally located if you also want to visit the castles of the Loire:the Manoir du Parc.
panda du zoo de beauval For the Zoo de Beauval, everything is fairly well organized, whether for the parking lot or inside. We did not arrive very early in the morning, around 10 am, and despite everything a person was there to guide us and take us to the appropriate parking lot. We were obviously not the only ones to have thought of Beauval Zoo for this weekend. I don't know how it goes when the park opens at 8 a.m., but around 10 a.m. the traffic was flowing. There was a small world, but everything went very quickly.
Inside the park Beauval, getting around is quite easy since the world is distributed fairly well. If you want to be sure that you really see EVERYTHING, I advise you to follow the signs and the direction of visit signposted by the park. Everything is well indicated, so it's impossible to go wrong and miss an enclosure or an animal.
I haven't done a lot of zoos in my life (if not none in fact…) but I found Beauval Zoo particularly beautiful and well maintained. Here nature prevails, everything is wooded, green, shimmering. It is above all very clean and well maintained. For the practical side, the park has been well thought out, with toilets located everywhere, and various snacks in strategic places, but especially in front of animal enclosures.

A beautiful diversity of animals at Beauval

Regarding animals, I was really amazed by their variety, there is really everything, all kinds, all species and from all over the world. Obviously I could not quote them all to you, but I especially remember the too cute koalas, the too cute red pandas, the peaceful elephants, the impressive beasts… and of course the star of the moment: the panda. So many animals, a great diversity. I've seen animals that I never thought I would ever see or even that I didn't even know existed. We feel that the animals are well treated, with great care, in a favorable environment and cared for. It's truly pleasent !

If you like to know more about the species and see a little interaction, I advise you to attend the small animations which take place every hour in front of the enclosures of the animals concerned. You will be able to attend their meal, a special moment, and a breeder will explain to you in detail the species, its way of life and its habits. It is really very interesting!

And to complete the day, the Beauval ZooParc offers two great shows: the Maîtres des airs and the Odyssey of the Sea Lions. The first is dedicated to birds and turns out to be the most spectacular! The birds presented are absolutely beautiful, especially the parrots. It's wonderful to see them in flight, brush against your head and land near you. The second show is devoted, with a lot of humor, to sea lions. It is just as interesting and beautiful to see. These two shows are not to be missed under any circumstances!

And now the question everyone is asking: how long does it take to visit the park? Should I buy a 1-day ticket or a 2-day pass? To me, the answer is pretty simple: if you live within a 2 hour drive or more of the park (and getting back doesn't seem like a problem) a single day, at high speed, may be enough. By arriving as soon as it opens (8 a.m. in summer) and closing, you will have plenty of time to see everything. In question not to linger too much.
If, on the other hand, you live a bit far away, you don't want to go out and back during the day, and you want to make the most of the day, a 2-day pass is essential! This makes it much more comfortable, you are not pressed for time, you can take the time to photograph and admire everything and even see the shows whenever you want. We really don't regret having opted for this option. Especially since a 2-day pass costs, without CE or other reduction, € 43.5 (€ 42 if you take it online). A price not excessive in my opinion, which is equivalent to a single day in an amusement park. You can find the price list here .
As you will have understood, this visit to Beauval Zoo totally enchanted me. You have to do it at least once in your life!

We strongly recommend pet owners to spay and neuter their pets. Two cats can produce 4,372 offspring in just seven years. We can help with spay/neuter assistance, just give us a call!

In order to reduce the number of lost pets, we encourage all pets to wear an I.D. tag at all times. If a pet is found with a current tag, the owner is usually located in a short amount of time. If animal control picks up a pet with no tag, they will transport it to the Devore Shelter, where it will be held for 5 days. After this time, the animal may be adopted or it will be euthanized. Prevent this costly and unnecessary trip, please put a tag on your pet today! We sell tags for $5 and can engrave on both sides.

If you find an animal with no tag, place bold posters in the area found. Call us, Animal Control, Devore Shelter, all local veterinary offices and place an ad (it is free) in the local paper. Hopefully, the pet and the owner will be reunited.

We also caution owners of small pets. We share our mountain with the local wildlife. From the giant bear to the tiny chipmunk, encounters with any of these animals can lead to injury or death for your pet. Contrary to popular belief, Coyote can and will jump your 6 ft. fence and take your small pet. And your larger dog cannot protect your smaller pet. We have recent reports of coyote taking small dogs while on leashed walks with their owners, as well as coyote pack taking down and dragging off a full grown German Shepherd. Cats should never be allowed outside, and small dogs should never be allowed outside unattended and never on a leash longer than 6ft.


We reserve the right to deny adoption to anyone

When we place an animal for adoption, we hope to find a home that will last a lifetime and create a loving bond between pet and owner. You will be required to fill out an application that will enable us to find the right pet for you. We also visit your home to ensure that this will be a perfect fit for both you and the pet. We put a lot of love and time into our animals, and we strive to get the best home possible for them. We apologize in advance if our final decision disappoints you.

Why adopt from Mountains' Humane Society?

Our animals are already spayed/neutered, are current on vaccinations and have been tested for FLA virus (cats) and Heartworm (dogs). We ask for a $95.00 donation for dogs and a $75 donation for cats which includes a free local Veterinarian office visit, a folder of valuable information about your pet, a DVD to help you and your new pet adjust, and a goodie bag of treats and toys. Our adoption donation is quite a bargain if you add up the costs of everything we include.

How to adopt from Mountains' Humane Society?

During the "good weather" months, we have adoption days throughout our mountain communities at which times most of our listed animals can be seen at our mobile adoption unit. Please refer to our adoption dates, locations and times on the Home or Calendar pages of this website.

The first step in our adoption process is filling out an application. You can download our application from this page, just below.

To view more photos of our adoptable pets, please visit our page at PetFinder and

just click on the words "Our Adoptable Pet List"

K9 Adoption Application


Feline Adoption Application


There are three ways that you can return your completed application to us.

  1. Download it, fill it out, reattach to an email

  1. Print it out, fill it out and fax it to us at (909) 337-6677

  1. Print it out, fill it out and mail it to us at


P.O. Box 452

Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352


Gingerale is a petite tabby with unique colors, she is a red/brown tabby. The vet estimates she was born Jan. 2010. She seems to prefer ladies over men, and she is loving, yet playful. She is mischevious and has been known to give love bites on the chin/cheek areas. She does not get along with other cats, and would be happy as an only kitty.

Kiki was born 7/16/07. She is almost all black except for a little round patch on her chest. At first she is timid, but once she knows you and is comfortable in a new home, she is affectionate and playful. She gets along with other cats and is best buddies with Ebony. Wouldn't you like to double your fun and love and adopt Kiki and Ebony together?

Elizabeth was born 10/19/09, She is more of a lapcat than a player. She has been in the same foster home since she was a few weeks old, so moving to a new home will take lots of patience and time for her adjustment.

Pebbles is a very loving girl. She was born in 2000, Her owner died, so she is looking for her forever home now. She is a very gentle girl with a loving personality. She is all black with some greying on her muzzle and eyes. She is very well housetrained. Pebbles has some benign tumors that the vet is not concerned about and is expected for a Sr. dog. She is an active girl, walking about 2 miles per day.

Gabriella was born 4/5/2012. Her mother was a stray who was badly emaciated, but gave life birth to 5 kittens. Gabriella is the only survivor of her litter. Due to the emaciation of her mother, Gabriella has a low immune system. She has had a herpes outbreak once, and the vet warns that this is something that could happen throughout her life. It is an inconvenience, there is no cure, but it is a treatable issue. She is very sweet, gentle and likes to cuddle. She can be skittish with new surroundings, but warms up very quickly to her new owner. Gabriella likes to sit on shoulders and be nearby for cuddling.


Mountains' Humane Society offers a free adoption referral service.

As a courtesy to pet owners seeking new homes for their pets, we will post adoptable pets on this page as well as and These postings will be removed in 3 months unless we hear from the original poster sooner. There is some required information needed for these websites; please email us for a list of the required info.

This is a free courtesy service to PET OWNERS, not to be used by any breeders or resuce groups!

We also keep a list of phone numbers and information regarding pets available for adoption by their owners, and we keep a list of pet-seekers wanting to adopt a particular pet.

This is a person to person, private adoption program. If you are interested in listing your pet for adoption, or if you are seeking a particular pet, please call Karin at (909) 337-6422 or email us

Our free referral service is unique and beneficial because unlike shelter adoptions, you have the opportunity to obtain pet history directly from the current owners. Pet history proves to be very beneficial to new owners when considering a new pet. Some helpful questions to ask would be pet behavior; does this animal get along with other pets and children, is it house trained, accurate age of animal, current medical records and history of this pet.

We recommend that the current owners meet at the residence of the pet-seeker. Seeing the new home offers closure for all parties involved. We also advise a two week trial period be worked out between the two referral parties, just in case situations change. The only responsibility of the MHS is to solely provide contact numbers as a free referral service for the purpose of adopting animals from person to person. All other responsibilities are yours.

There is no guarantee that the adoption will be a success, nor that the animal has been spayed/neutered or has current vaccinations.

If you choose to adopt a pet from our free referral service that has not been spayed/neutered, please contact us at (909) 337-6422 to obtain information on receiving a certificate that will cover or help cover the cost of the procedure.

Please read the information above regarding our referral adoptions before considering any of the pets listed below. MHS offers courtesy listings to pet owners who need to re-home their pets. Referral adoptions are NOT for use by other rescues. The only responsibility of the MHS is to solely provide contact information as a free referral service for the purpose of adopting animals from person to person. All other responsibilities are yours. There is no guarantee that the adoption will be a success, nor that the animal has been spayed/neutered or is current on vaccinations. The animals below are NOT Mountains' Humane Society animals. DO NOT pay an adoption fee/donation/reimbursement for any pets on the referral list. This referral list is NOT for rescues. Paying an adoption fee/donation/reimbursement to anyone on the list below is illegal, and dishonest.

Gabel is a shorthair grey and white cat born in 2012. He is neutered, current on vaccines, gets along with other cats, kids & dogs. He has a charming personality that would fit into any home. Climbing and rub downs are a favorite. Please call Susan at 909 338-4164 or email for more info

River is a Gray British shorthair mix. He was born in 2010. He was found weak and ill by a stream in our mountains. He was nursed back to health and is now very alert and inquisitive. River enjoys playing with toys and would do well in most any home. Please call Susan at 909 338-4164 or email

On a truly snowy night, Boo pooped his head up from under a house & knew he was in trouble. A woman saw him and brought him inside, giving him food & shelter. He now lives with many cats and a dog waiting for his forever home. Boo is amazingly friendly, affectionate and enjoys snacks! He is a shorthair orange and white boy, born in 2010. Neutered and up to date on vaccines. Please call Susan at 909 338-4164 or email for more info.

Missy is a shorthair diluted calico. She was born in 2008. She is spayed, up to date on her vaccines, gets along with cats, dogs and would need a patient & slow introduction with children. Missy's owner died, and the family didn't want her, so she was taken to the vet to be euthanized. Missy is shy and would prefer to live in a home as the only pet, or maybe with just one or two others. She is affectionate and enjoys one on one time. Please call Susan at 909 338-4164 or emailfor more info.
Sharkbait's owners moved and could not take him with them. If you are interested in adopting Sharkabait, please email

Peaches' owners moved and could not take him with them. If you are interested in adopting Peaches, please email


In our years of experience, we have found the most effective and quick method of reuniting pets with their owners is good old fashioned footwork.

If you have lost or found a pet, please post large signs in the area that the pet was lost/found. Also post at Vet's offices, Pet Shops, Post Offices and Grocery Stores.

Call the papers for a free ad, call the Devore shelter and e-mail us. If you attach a photo in your e-mail, we will post it on this page. All posts will be online for three months. After three months, we will delete the post. If you need it to run longer, please contact us to renew it for another three months.

Contact the Big Bear Shelter at (909) 866-4943 to see if your lost pet has been taken there. The next call to make is to the Devore Shelter at (909) 887-8055

Needed items that you can donate to us!

You can mail a check to us.
P.O. Box 452
Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352


We are in urgent need of qualified foster homes!

Do you have a place in your heart and your home to help out a homeless pet?

We do not have a shelter or facilities to house our adoptable pets. We rely on the generosity and love of Foster homes to keep our pets for us until a new, permanent home is found.

The majority of our animals are happy to be back in a home environment and adapt quickly with you. Every once in a while, one may have been so traumatized, that they might need extra love, attention and understanding from you.

We supply the food, litter, toys, crates, leashes, collars and medications (if needed) for our animals, our foster families provide the home, love and transportation for the animals.

There are two forms to fill out. One is a Foster Care Application. After the application is approved, then a Foster Care Agreement needs to be signed. Both of these forms need to be filled out and returned to us before a Foster Pet is placed in your home.

If you can share your home, yard and love with some of our animals, or if you just want more info about Fostering, please give us a call today, we would love to talk to you about it! (909) 337-6422